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"The Art of Photography"

Updated as of   December , 2016


"Eclectic Image Fine Art Galleries" offer the fine art photography of:   
Elaine and Duane Morgan

They are most know for their ability to capture light and create an effect as if it were changing right before your eyes, as the light in your home changes,
through out the day. 

They taught photography workshops in Hawaii called "Creative exposure and Printing"  I remember one lesson with Duane and it went like this;

Most people think that photography is this, one-shot click. what do you think?
"Real Photography", is more created, than shot.

First, your artist thought, (your inner eye), what would be the perfect image?

Find the location, maybe sketch it on a three by five card and think.
"If I were to paint this image, what would I paint"?  Maybe, add a great sky,
it would be the last light of the day, a storm would be rolling in,
 where would the shadows be?  I would turn over the card and write
all of that the back of the card.  This would tell me when to return
 for the perfect time of day, month of year and other criteria to meet
your best idea of the perfect image.

Second, have the patience and the tenacity to go back to the same location,
again, again, and again, sometimes a dozen times and months of patience.  Before Mother Nature co-operates with your artist's vision.

Third, have the knowledge and the skill to finish, creating the image. 
A combination of knowledge of exposure, limits of film and what it can actually capture.  N
ot to exposing what the camera says to shoot, instead thinking of tonal values of the finished image
Development,  knowing what it will take to push the light values to their limits, with out over exposure or over development. 
Then knowledge of darkroom techniques, dodging and burning,
to increase or decrease the specific values from within the image. 
Thus completing the effect of the finished image.  Capturing the light in a way to make it change its tonal values in your home, as it does in real life.

This example, is Elaine's Photograph "Canyon Storm", this image took about sixteen trips and a year of going back to the same location.  Performing all the tasks required to create this image.

"Experience the Art of Photography" with Elaine and Duane through their images. Acquiring their work will enhance your personal collection,
at it has for many individuals and corporations throughout the World. 
We love to have you become one of our Collectors and join our Collectors Club.

It is, Collectors like you", who will determine our ultimate success
by allowing our Art to become a part of your lives.

Thanks for visiting with us, we hope to see again, soon
Elaine and Duane Morgan
Master Photographers


Don't you deserve to experience your personal Sunset everyday,
for the rest of your life?  Elaine and Duane are known for creating
an effect that makes you feel as if you were watching a sunset,
everytime you change the lighting on their images.

Your personal Sunset awaits you at Eclectic Image Galleries
so call one of our Art Consultants today !

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"Eclectic Image Gallery of Sedona"
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 Lisa,  Lauren,   Elaine  or  Duane  can be reached at:

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    All Photographs and Text are Copyrighted 2013 by Duane or Elaine Morgan.